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About company

Company “Polycarbo” produce and sell hollow polycarbonate sheets under the own trade mark. Factory has modern high productive extrusion lines using high quality granulated material of worldwide known suppliers. Own factory of hollow polycarbonate is a managed process from the producing and quality control to the boxing finished product. If you want to be sure in quality and durability of production, choose that polycarbonate, that you may buy directly from manufacturer or it’s official dealers. Nowadays hollow polycarbonate is highly demanded material. It’s used in building, agriculture, architecture, lighting technology, advertising and interior design. Without any exaggeration, it’s a universal material. You can buy it from many companies, but only buying from manufacturer guarantees you high quality and reasonable price.

The main goals of “Polycarbo” company are producing and selling competitive hollow polycarbonate in Russian and global markets, increasing output volume, expanding range of goods, ensure right timing of deliveries and strict compliance with contractual obligations, implementation of new technologies, staff development.

Hollow polycarbonate is sheet material, produced of polycarbonate granule made by extrusion. The term means process of melting of polycarbonate granules and then the material is pushed through a draw plate(special shape), which determines structure of a sheet. Technologies are used in producing polycarbonate allow to have polycarbonate sheets with fixed wall thickness and UV protection layer. They have high strenght, durability and lifetime.

There is program which is directed to create conditions, which help to have long, mutually beneficial business relationships. We offer hollow polycarbonate. It may be bought directly from the manufacturer. It is this that allow us to lead more flexible pricing policy and ensure execution and delivery of orders in the shortest possible time at a high level of quality.

We have an ability to compromise with clients. Company “Polycarbo” calls sales representative to cooperation in the field of selling hollow polycarbonate and guarantees marketing, technical and financial support for sales growth.

We always keep going forward, and continiously increase production rate, expanding existing markets and enhancing partnerships.

To see technical Characteristics of polycarbonate.

Possibility of delivery
or safe custody
We are always in touch
Personal manager,
tracking order status
Quality assurance
Quality raw material,
Convenient service
We know, what our
customers need
Own modern production lines
Production facilities
Own spinneret
Products quality control
Wide range of colors
Any thickness of sheet
The widest choice of colour
Available and to order
Branded safety film
Cost-effective package
Primary raw materials
Latest technologies

Hollow polycarbonate sell.

Our company cares of not only producing quality production, but also does everything possible to help customers to choose necessary polycarbonate, buy for a reasonable price and to benefit in any region of Russia. We and our official dealers offer low prices. Hollow polycarbonate is universal material for building, agriculture, design. Fields of use are limitless and everyone could use it for his purposes and invent his own unique construction.

Buy hollow polycarbonate.

To produce quality polycarbonate is only half the story. Another part is to make it accessible for our clients. For ensuring access to our production, so we continuously expand dealer network, we pursue the goal to have a point-of-sale in every big city all over Russia. Polycarbonate under the trademark “Polycarbo” is already sold in whole Moscow region and in many cities of Central, north-west federal districts.

Own factory of hollow polycarbonate features.

Own factory of hollow polycarbonate is a managed process from the producing and quality control to the boxing finished product.
Having own factory is possibility to reduce product cost and to make price better.
Own factory is right timing of deliveries and strict compliance with contractual obligations, possibility to track order status and to get documents in place.

Why is this profitable to buy polycarbonate from manufacturer?

Buying polycarbonate directly from manufacturer is profitable, because we can offer better price. We will provide low price, individual approach and just-in-time production and delivery.
Moreover, you have guarantee of durability for the polycarbonate, if you buy from manufacturer. Production is kept in our stores in accordance with standarts and production don’t stay long there. Our company do transportation and delivery of production responsibly.

Buy hollow polycarbonate with delivery.

Polycarbonate delivery should be done very carefully, in accordance with safety norms. Only in this case we can guarantee that polycarbonate will reach destination safe and sound. Company “Polycarbo” is not only producing quality polycarbonate, but also deliver it at any place in Russia by specialized transport.
It excludes any deformations while handling or transportation. “Polycarbo” is financial liable for production until transferred.

Hollow polycarbonate, Moscow.

For ensuring access to our production, so we continuously expand dealer network. Nowadays, there are our dealer centers in Moscow and every area of Moscow region. Specialist in these centers could advice you about polycarbonate and help you to choose and to buy for your purposes. You can buy it for low price and get in short term. It’s reached because of direct contact with manufacturer and well-organized logistics. Polycarbo’s dealers works either with individuals or with legal entity. Payment is accepted by cash or bank transfer.

Point of sales “Polycarbo” polycarbonate.

Question: where to buy polycarbonate under trademark “polycarbo” has a simple answer: From “polycarbo” dealers. There 2 main reasons. Firstly, our production is well-known all over Russia because it is in high demand. Secondly, the lowest price for hollow polycarbonate you can get only from “polycarbo” dealers.


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