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Transparent hollow polycarbonate


Also, transparent polycarbonate is indispensable because of simple and convenient installation. Polycarbonate sheets may be cut with a common knife or unset saw with little tooth. For drilling it’s used sharp metallic drill bit, and for securing special screw with special thermowashers.

Using it you need to keep very simple rules. At first, don't leave faces open. It's necessary to stick them, but not with plastic tape, but with special perforated tape. Use proper bend radius are given in the operating instructions, product documentation. It's not allowed to fix polycarbonate hard.

Fixing it don't use nails, big warsher or clinchers. Installing polycarbonate outside, take into consideration its thermal expansion. Follow these rules and it helps you to install any construction simple and quick. Polycarbonate advantages are so clear, that it's possible to can rightfully be placed among the most classic materials as brick, wood and veneer.

Among numerous advantages of transparent polycarbonate sheet it's essential to accent next ones:

  • excellent resistance to shock, bend, high flexural strength and knot strength
  • Extremely light weight, low specific gravity
  • It has excellent thermal insulation properties, low thermal conductivity, noise isolation and sound isolation
  • High translucence (86%) lets to pass a light and diffuse it over the whole space of construction
  • Resistance to effect of atmospheric conditions, temperatures, UV resistance (special layer which don't let pass the most noxious rays of ultraviolet light)
  • Durability, unchanging characteristics (the warranty period is 10 years)

Area of application:

• All kinds of Greenhouses
• Zenith, sawtooth skylights
• Stands
• Light shafts
• Sign board advertisement
• Greenhouses out of transparent hollow polycarbonate

Main advantages of transparent polycarbonate are:

  • low specific gravity (about 20 times lighter than glass), it helps to cut costs, installing constructions;
  • Polycarbonate 200 times stronger than a glass;
  • It could endure very high wind and snow loading;
  • High thermostability, which guarantees performance specification from -40 to +120 C;
  • low thermal conductivity which helps to decrease energy consumption for heating and cooling premises almost by almost fifty percent;
  • high transparency makes transparent polycarbonate an ideal material for building greenhouses, winter garden, terraces;
  • ability not to let harmful for humans and plants UV rays pass;
  • long warranty period is long (10 years), at the same time lifetime is up to 59 years;
  • Convenient and quick installation. Relatively low cost, make optimal the price-performance ratio;